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Inside the Brazen Head, Ireland's oldest pub.

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Star trails at Joshua Tree. Stack of 361 photographs, each 40 seconds long, taken at 2 second intervals.

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Sunrise over the Port of Los Angeles, taken from the Gaffey Street overlook.

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Welcome to Peterson's Pad

This site is my personal project, wherein I post content for my friends. There is a bunch of stuff here, including my photographs and recommendations from travel and life in general. It's what I think (or have done), what I've learned or where I've been, and what people ask me about most often.  It may be helpful to you, it may enlighten you, it may entertain you and it may brighten your day.  I hope so.  There are some direct links on this page, but everything is available via the menu at top.

My catalogue of photographs (yes you can buy them) is at Please check it out!

The item on lousy hearing is my attempt to help you--if you're hard of hearing, that is, or know someone else who is (me, for instance)--deal with people who are handicapped in this way.  Hearing loss is, in fact, a handicap, but the vast majority of people can't deal with it well, which is a shame.  This is my effort to educate the masses.

The Scotch link will take you to my effort to 'splain Scotch whisky to my friends, while offering my opinion on which whiskies are really good.  Note that this is just my opinion.  I have more experience at this than most people, but it's still just my opinion.

The Vietnam Diary is simply a chronicle of my experience while there.  I was in Pleiku for over two years, having volunteered to stay there--twice--after my initial hitch.  (When we're young, we sometimes do silly things.)

The Best section contains some references to what I think are the best of the best in certain categories of life.  Again, these are just my opinions and if you disagree, that's fine, but if you've never tried any of these items, you probably should.

Art & John's Excellent Adventure is my account of our drive all the way across the U. S. of A. when 9/11 occurred.  I read it now and then, and every September 11th, to make sure I remember.

My photographs are sprinkled thoughout the site.  Being a photographer, I add my photographs to most blog entries and I post albums from time to time.

You'll find my recipes in the Documents section.  Some are favorites of friends and family and some of those recipes get hit more often than just about anything else on this site.  Feel free to poke around there and please let me know if you try anything and improve it in some way.

Finally, If you have questions about any of this, or opinions, please send an email to me.  And enjoy the site!

-- John Peterson


The Best


The BEST (according to me) of some things--martini garnishes and potato chips, and websites for example.


Art & John's Excellent Adventure


 Art and I were 1/2 mile from the Pentagon when the 9/11 attacks took place.  We rented a car and drove all the way home.  This is my diary.